Create Your Own Floor Plan

House is a place for living that must be designed greatly, start from the footing, walls, and also the floor. We will be more focus in this article; we will be specific in the floor. Floor is a part of house that must be designed well. Every homeowner wants to get the best design of […]

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3D Floor Plan Maker

Hi… everyone! It seems a great time to see you in this moment. Well. How’s your day? By the way. Do you enjoy stay at home for a long time? Or maybe you need to make it new design, or new look for your floor? The house will looks great when they have unique design, […]

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Garage with Living Quarters

If you are going to renovate your own home and you need a new additional room that would be used as a family room, hobby room, home office or even a guest room, you need to consider building a garage with living quarters. It is a smart idea to stretch the budget on your renovation. […]

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Modern Side Tables for Living Room

The furniture is the crucial part of the room. It is the same with the living room; you have to choose the best furniture you need in the living room. The living room furniture consists of chair, tables, couch, and coffee tables and so on. But I agree when people say that the main furniture […]

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Before and After Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen as the place where people make food needs a high attention so that the cooking activity will run well. There are some things that we can do to create a comfortable kitchen. You can put the appropriate scheme of kitchen. The schemes commonly wrapped with the neutral color and less ornaments. It happens because […]

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How to Install the Living Room Crown Molding

Making the ceiling of the house looks attractive not only can be done by painting it. There are some techniques that can make the display of the ceilings looks different. The techniques are chair rail and the crown molding. Both of them are well known technique that easy to be applied, it is appropriate for […]

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Ideas for Small Living Rooms

One of ideas for small living rooms is giving the mirror and glass in appropriate wall or place inside the living rooms. Mirrors can work with the principle of light reflection. There are three types of mirrors; there is a flat mirror, a concave mirror and a convex mirror. For the family room, fitting we […]

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Easiest Ways to Decorate Your Room

Room is a part of house that must be well designed and decorated. Most people want to get a festive room decoration in their house so it can give impression to people in the house such as family members, siblings, or even guests. In decorating a room, actually there are some ways that easy and […]

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