Stump Removal Chemical – Some Examples Of The Chemical To Remove The Stump

Stump Removal Chemical Good Method

The stumps are considered as an ugly/ unwanted thing in yards and landscape. Getting the stumps removed can be difficult and surely consume your time especially when the tree has a big diameter as well as strong and complex system of root which will result in harder to be removed stump. We need to dig up harder to reach the tree’s root. But there is also easier way in removing the stumps which is by using the chemical which can remove the stumps. Speak stump removal chemical here below are some examples of the chemical which are able to remove the stumps. Keep reading for the details folks.


The saltpeter or also named with the potassium nitrate is generally known as a gunpowder’s ingredient. Moreover, it is stump removal chemical. How to use it? Just get it poured into the holes that are drilled into the stump, and then added with water for activating the chemical/ saltpeter. It will get the wood broken down, and get it spongy over time. The wood which has been decomposed and became spongy will make it easier to get the kerosene absorbed which will result in burnable stump. It will only leave ash behind and nothing else, even the root.

The fertilizer

The other stump removal chemical is high-nitrogen fertilizer. This chemical will also act like saltpeter, get the wood simply decomposed so it will be easier to be burnt/ chopped/ dug out by your own hands easily.

The sugar

Sugar? Yes, even sugar can be used for stump removal chemical. Get it poured into holes which have been drilled on the stump and then get it filled with water that will accelerate the decomposition process just like saltpeter/ fertilizer although it will be less effective than the other two chemicals above.

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